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See us at the Battery Show in Novi, MI September 16-18


See us
at the Battery Show
September 16-18

Novi, Michigan, USA

Novi, MI


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Solutions for enhanced battery performance

BASF e-mobility is uniquely positioned as a global supplier to the battery industry. Read about the range of BASF Battery Materials in this comprehensive brochure.


Baxxodur systems — when curing makes the difference

Wind is an important source of renewable energy. BASF supports the wind industry with innovative and reliable high-quality products and solutions for the efficient manufacturing of wind turbine components such as blades, bases and towers.


Best made from Elastollan®: cable jacketing connectors, grommets

Elastollan is the polyurethane elastomer from BASF which is processed by thermoplastic treatment. Thanks to its multi-talented portfolio of properties Elastollan provides ideal solutions to the most diverse demands of jacketing for cable cores.


Elastollan® — chemical resistance

The resistance of plastic materials against chemicals, solvents and other contact substances is an important criterion of selection for many applications.


Fast systems for lighter automobiles

Epoxy resin systems specifically intended for use with carbon composite materials open up new possibilities for lightweight automotive construction. These newly developed latent accelerators have a considerably longer pot life than conventional systems, but their curing time is far shorter.


Ultrason® E for automotive engineering

Ultrason E (PES, polyethersulfone) is a high performance material having a temperature profile which is unique among engineering thermoplastics.




Almost every aspect of e-mobility is impacted by chemistry.


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